Thursday, January 10, 2013


The day started off with me going to my Archaeology lecture at 12. At the same time Becca was headed off to a Principia Consortium lunch, that I obviously couldn't go to because of class. It made me mildly upset. Class was good though and I really think I'm going to enjoy this class. Anyway, after class I had decided that I was going to do laundry. I was getting pretty low on options and I had made it over a week. The only thing is that the laundry is in the basement of one of the other apartments down the street and I was not to sure on its location. I stuffed all my clothes into my fancy laundry bag that waterproof on both sides (it's meant for baby stuff and can be found on this website). I ventured down the road and found the apartment. I was given a key to it with my own keys and knew which one it was but it decided it wanted to be difficult. It took me a good 2 minuted to finally get the door open. I found the laundry room and did all that nonsense. Another weird thing is that the washers cost £2.20 and they don't give change. Unfortunately I didn't have the change for 20p so I had to use £2.50 instead......bummer. I managed to do my laundry without anymore hitches.

Earlier in the week Becca and I had discovered that there have been several TARDIS sightings around Glasgow and naturally we got over excited and became determined to find the real one. Someone had told us that there was one near the Botanical gardens which aren't to far away from the school. So our plan for the day became to find the TARDIS. A construction worker fixing the heat and hot water in Becca's flat also told her that one of them sells coffee so obviously we need that one. Anyway we set out towards the Botanical gardens which is probably only 7 minutes away. AND THEN THERE IT WAS!!!!! A beautiful blue police box was sitting in the fence that runs around the gardens. 

On closer inspection, however, it was revealed that this was not the TARDIS because of the red panel. Alas, the search continues. We still took a bunch of pictures though.

After geeking out for a while we ventured into the gardens. It was a bit chilly outside and it's the dead of winter so not a lot was blooming. We went into one of the greenhouses and wandered for a bit. At the end of our round we found a room filled with carnivorous plants. I was beyond excited. The room had an abundance of pitcher plants and sundew and I started explaining how each worked to Becca. I was slightly upset that we had gone around half of the room and hadn't seen a Venus fly trap, when all of a sudden we found a cluster of them. I squealed quite loudly then became determined to get one to close. At which I squealed again. Then a nice gentleman came in and said they were closing. All of the other buildings were closed as well so we just wandered around a bit before heading back to get warmed up. All in all it was a very exciting day for me. I got to see a several things that I've dreamed of seeing for quite a while.


  1. OK lovebug for the old and decrepit and unknowing just what is a TARDIS.

    Love you


    1. The TARDIS (stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is what The Doctor (in Doctor Who the BBC show) uses to travel through all of time and space and looks like an old Police Box, yet it's much bigger on the inside

  2. you are silly. Also you are welcome for your lovely cloth diaper wet bag that is good for laundry. Dont you love that you have an older sister who knows all :)