Sunday, January 6, 2013


Becca and I have decided that in every place we go we want to find something specific to take pictures of. My choice came to me naturally. I have always been a sucker for doors. I especially feel that brightly colored doors are just so welcoming and inviting. I also just love all the intricate details that old doors have. Because of this I have decided that I am just going to take pictures of all the beautiful doors I see and make a collage of them when I get back. This is something I can always add to later in future travels as well. So here are some of the doors I've seen so far:
Church door in Edinburgh
Becca in front of a random door on campus

Door to an apartment in Edinburgh
Cancer center door (the bright green makes it less scary I think)


  1. Love the iron work and the hinges. neat idea.

    Love ya


  2. OK: Get up and get out of your room. Go for a run, find the gym, get the blood flowing, have some haggis and eggs, find a street musician and give him/her a ha'penny, find an older person (grammie's or my age) and ask them about the area. you will find them better than tour guides. Ask them where they go for the best fish and chips. Enjoy and we want more pictures of YOU.

    Love you