Saturday, January 12, 2013

Glasgow Walking Tour

Even though today is Saturday I woke up bright and early (at 9:50) to get ready to go on this free walking tour of Glasgow that one of my new friends had found. I was super excited to actually have a tour guide who knew what they were doing and where they were going so I could get some better bearings on the city. Us girls had planned to meet up at 11 so we could find our way there and get some lunch and coffee before the tour started. It's been pretty chilly here lately so I had packed on the layers and the coffee was greatly welcomed. We found our our tour starting spot, which was at Glasgow Caledonain University, a pretty self contained school near the heart of the city. The tour was done through a company called Student Tours Scotland (click here for their Facebook page). The tour was meant to go from 1-3 and was a general introduction to the city. We walked around the city center and our guide Gary showed us some of the best places to shop and eat. He also told us some great stories about the history of the city. He was super upbeat and cheerful and he really seemed to absolutely love the city. During the tour we spotted the TARDIS again and Becca and I had a mini heart attack. Upon seeing the freak out, Gary told us that the tour tomorrow (also free) is going to pass by two more. So obviously we have to go now. Gary does weekly tours on Wednesdays, has pub nights every Monday, and they do day trips on the weekends for very reasonable prices (usually between 15-20 pounds). This looks like something that will come in handy throughout the semester as an easy way to see the country and get tips from a local. Gary was also generous enough tot ell us that if we are doing any traveling on our own, get in touch with him and he can hook us up with people he knows all over the country. It was a great, if very cold, morning/afternoon, but now I think I'm gonna cuddle up in my bed with some tea and watch a movie. I'll post about the tour tomorrow as well which is going to go into the necropolis. I'm beyond excited.


  1. Ok, here is something that you can do that will provide you a great learning experience. I want you to go for a walk in a local park. Find an old couple (my age or a few years older) and start talking to them. ask them about their childhood and about their experiences during the war. About different foods and and how to fix them. You can send me the recipes. They will love you for it. Love ya.


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