Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Arriving in Glasgow

So I started my journey at 4:30am in St. Louis where I was visiting my sister. From there I headed to Houston to meet up with Becca. We then flew to Newark. After this flight we were supposed to have a 3 hour layover before heading over the Atlantic. Except that this flight was just not having a good day. First one of the air conditioners wasn't working so they had to fix it then run the engine then get paperwork. So we didn't even end up leaving the gate until at least an hour and a half after we were supposed to (I watched the entirety of The Amazing Spiderman). Then once we got to Newark the jetway thingy did not want to work so that was an extra 20 minutes of sitting. Yay.... so we ended up with only about half an hour in Newark before leaving again. Our flight over the Atlantic happened to be from 7:30pm to 7:40am on New Year's Eve. The flight attendants were all super excited about this and handed out noise makers and crowns and wished us all a happy New Year each time we crossed a time zone.

Once we arrived in Glasgow we took a taxi to get our keys and walked up a pretty big hill dragging our suitcases. Then I got to take mine up 3 flights of stairs.....elevators are overrated I guess. Then started the nervous breakdowns. I was exhausted, alone, and everything was different. I had a little meltdown then rushed out to find Becca so we could explore and get some of the stuff we had planned on buying here. The only problem was that everything was closed and we had underestimated the weather. We had another slight breakdown about whining to come home and just taking a semester off.  We found one little grocery/convenience store but we don't have any kitchen stuff and we couldn't find towels when all we wanted was a shower. This was a perfect time for a nap.

After my nap and having my roommate get here it's a little better. I still feel homesick but I think that will get better once things are open and orientation and classes start. It was a rough start to my adventure but that means it can only go up.


  1. That's a great positive attitude! Keep it up!-Gram

  2. Have a wonderful time in Scotland!

  3. Super: I love the blog. Please keep it up because b oth Grammie and I need to know what you are doing and how you are doing. Don't need to know about the Pubs and guys etc except a little bit. You need a good breakfast of Haggis and eggs to get you up to speed. Love you and say hi to Becca for us. Have FUN, FUN, FUN. Love ya.


  4. Hey girl,
    I am very proud of what you are doing! I will read your blog to keep me informed. Great idea...It is nice you are having a friend with you! Enjoy your time! Kiss, Agnes