Friday, January 11, 2013

Ceilidh Fun

Today I didn't have any classes. Actually I don't have classes any Friday, which is awesome. But Becca did have class and we needed to talk to one of the ladies that works in the international office to make sure we were enrolled correctly in our classes in the system. So I got to wake up early anyway. It really wasn't that bad, caffeine in tea makes it a lot better. We got that all squared away and I came back and slept for like another hour anyway. Then I Skyped with my parents for a little while which was really nice. I know I still wouldn't be seeing them if I was at my home university but somehow being across an ocean makes me miss them all more. I think it's the fact that I can't come home for a weekend just because. My parents kept telling me to make sure I was experiencing things and making friends since these could be ones that last a lifetime. I do find it difficult to make friends sometimes, especially if I miss the first unofficial "get to know you" thing. I have a tendency to just keep to myself and get caught up with other tings and forget to get out and do things.

After my chat with my parents I was determined to not stay in all day so I messaged Becca that we were going out. We're not the most exciting of people so we just walked down to the city center which has most of the shopping areas. We restrained ourselves a great deal and managed to not buy any miscellaneous items that we we're in love with (the clothes at Primark were calling our names). Becca did need a laundry bag to so she could haul all of her clothes to the laundry room and a reusable water bottle so we stopped into TKMaxx which we think is just really funny. It's exactly like TJMaxx except for that one letter. Becca got what she needed and I found the same dish brush that I use back at made me a little homesick.

On the way back we found our way to The Glasgow School of Art which is where we'll have Black and White Photography. I'm still not 100% positive about which building it is (we know the name but didn't see it) but everyone here is super friendly and I'm sure we'll find someone to help.

After we got back from shopping we had a couple of hours until the Ceilidh party started. Ceilidh is a type of dance typical to Scotland and is reminiscent of line dancing. The International Society organized the whole thing and had a traditional Ceilidh band there to tell us exactly what to do. Becca and I usually partnered with each other but there were some occasional ones where we needed a group of three or one of the partners traveled around. We danced to almost every dance and it was loads of fun. It was super energetic and no one cared that we had no idea what we were doing since almost no one did. It was just a blast and the band that was there said they has Ceilidhs on Wednesdays so we decided we were definitely going to try it again.

Becca and I after the Ceilidh. We know, we're lookin' a hot mess
While at the party we met up with some other girls we had met earlier in the week and they told us about this free walking tour that is being put on tomorrow. It sounded too good to pass up and we said we'd join them. So tomorrow we're meeting up for lunch then getting an actual tour of the city which I hope will be very helpful. 


  1. Where did you get the background picture

    1. It's just a theme through blogspot. I didn't search for it or anything