Saturday, January 26, 2013

Robert Burns Day!

Here in Scotland, January 25 is somewhat a national holiday. People party, eat a lot of food, and dance, all in celebration of Robert Burns, the most beloved of Scottish poets. In celebration of Robert Burns Day, the University was hosting a Burns Supper and a ceilidh. Tickets were kind of steep however, and Becca's flatmates wanted to host a party so we opted for that instead. It was a potluck sort of event so everyone brought some food and chipped in for the drinks. Being the awesome people that we are Becca and I originally decided that we wanted to do a dessert and maybe something else since there was supposed to be over 30 people coming. Jennie, Becca's flatmate and the woman taking the reigns for the festivities, told us that a salad would be good so we went with it. We got all the fixin's for the salad and wanted to make some brownies. But apparently brownie mix isn't a thing here and we didn't really want to have to buy all the stuff to make them from scratch so instead we found these mousse/cake things in the freezer section of a grocery store that only had to be thawed. They looked pretty delicious so we each got a flavor (mine was super chocolatey and Becca's was black forest). The party commenced and there was a lot of delicious food. Someone had decided to bring haggis and since neither Becca nor I had tried it yet, Jennie forced it upon us. Imagine you are walking into a barn and take a big breath and smell that horsey/cow smell. Now imagine what that tastes like and you've tried haggis. AKA it's pretty gross. All in all the party was fun. We got to talk more to some girls in the Principia program as well as meeting some people. Except for the haggis the food was pretty good. AND our cakes were a hit. My chocolatey goodness was heavenly. All in all I think we did Robert Burns proud, even if he did die on my birthday......

The beloved Robert Burns
An example of Burns' poetry. There is a hint of Scots if you're having difficulty reading it


  1. I thought you liked that Horsey/cow smell... You should love haggis

  2. Earthy perhaps.

    Love ya