Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boring Week

I haven't updated recently and I apologize for that but I just really haven't done much this week. Classes are going really well so far and this week my class at the Glasgow School of Art started. It's a black and white photography class and I'm super excited about it. They provided film cameras for us and we're also going to learn about developing and creating our own project. On Wednesday I went on another of the walking tours put on by Student Tours Scotland. It was only a pound and we went up to Sighthill park which is not one of the nicest ares of Glasgow because the city has sort of neglected it. But there is a really cool stone circle in the city that is still used on equinoxes and such. We also stopped by Sighthill Cemetery which has also fallen into some disrepair. A lot of the headstones were broken and there was litter and graffiti. But hopefully this area will look a lot better after the Commonwealth Games in 2014. But the renovation projects that are proposed plan to demolish the stone circle (which is affectionately called Sighthenge). If you feel passionately about keeping history around, you can help by signing this petition.
Sighthill Stone Circle

Sighthill Cemetary

On Thursdays the International Society here at the University has weekly pub nights so we decided to check it out. Mainly because free food was advertised. We went, we stayed for a while, didn't see free food, didn't feel like drinking, so we left and went to the grocery store to get some stuff we needed. It was super crowded and Becca's roommate said she got food, so I guess we just didn't wait it out long enough. On Fridays I don't have classes but Becca does so after she got done we went out to get our phone situation fixed. She needed to get one and I needed to have them look at the SIM card in mine because it wasn't registering. We got it all worked out so now we have working phones and feel a lot better. On Saturday, we decided to spend some time in the library doing homework and just getting acquainted to the building. It is huge. So much bigger than CNU's library. I mean it actually has fun books and not just stuff for papers. We were not actually that productive but we did have some fun. We also made dinner together again and hung out with some of her flat mates and talked about random things. They also gave us some very welcoming travel advice. Finally, today Becca and I wandered to Kelvingrove Park to take some pictures for Black and White Photography. We're supposed to take a full roll of films worth of pictures (that's 36 if you didn't know) by Tuesday and as of right now I have only taken like 15 so I have a lot to do in the next day and a half.

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  1. Go for a walk along any street and you will find many opportunities to take some great B/W pictures. Cats, dogs, cars, windows, kids, store fronts, people shopping, even a manhole cover with letters on it. There is all kinds of stuff out there, you just have to use your imagination. Love you,