Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gary Walks

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I just haven't been doing anything exciting except for going to class and doing homework. But last Friday and yesterday I did go on walks with Gary and Student Tours Scotland. They were both to parks within Glasgow. Glasgow has a bunch of parks and green spaces in it. I think its upwards of like 300 or so. Anyway last Friday we ventured to Linn Park and yesterday we went to Pollok Country Park, the biggest park in Glasgow.

Both of the walks started off pretty much the same. We met at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art and gave Gary our pound for the tour. We then headed over to Glasgow Central Station to catch the train to the parks. The train fare wasn't too bad, £2,30 for a return off-peak ticket for each of the trips. We then boarded the train and we were off. Gary has a tendency to worry when we take public transportation around the city because he doesn't want to lose anyone. So we're not allowed to mess with him until everyone is off at the right stop. 

For the first tour we got off at Cathcart and walked to the park. Linn park is a pretty big park and has a golf course and a beautiful waterfall in it. We ventured through the paths and were told a couple of stories and fun facts along the way. The park was beautiful but extremely muddy. Most of the tour had to get a bit creative when getting through the mud. I, on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed traipsing through the mud. We found the really big waterfall and I climbed into some hazardous areas in order to take better pictures and just for fun. Gary's golden rule is "Just Don't Die" so he sometimes has some issues when we get too adventurous. We finished our walk through the park then crossed the street to a lookout point which was supposedly where Queen Mary sat to watch the last battle of some war (I can't remember which at the moment). Of course this seems pretty unlikely to us since Battlefield Park (where the battle took place) is pretty far away from that spot and very difficult to see. We then ventured back to the train station and headed back into Glasgow's city center. Becca and I made the long trek back to our flats then proceeded to watch the episode of Glee from the night before. 

This last walking tour was to Pollok Country Park, the biggest park in Glasgow. It was given to the city by the family under the condition that it wouldn't be touched. In the park there is a golf course, a playground, a museum, a lot of trails, the Pollok House, and HIGHLAND COWS!!!! Yes there are about 100 Highland Cows in Glasgow and they all reside in this park, well for most of the year. This is not a well known fact so a lot of tourist's venture into obscure parts of the highlands just to see one of the cows when they could take a short train ride to this park. So the main intention of the entire walk was to spot a cow and we got several. The other parts of the tour took us up to the Pollok House as well as some paths trough the woods to a cursed tree. We also saw what looked to be a sort of industrial town. The weather held out for the most part during our walk which was very nice of it and it was not neatly as muddy as the previous week but I still managed to find some to squish in. After the walk we again made the long trek back to the student apartments and again watched the episode of Glee from the previous night. This seems like its becoming a pattern. Tomorrow I'm off to Dunoon and Argyll Forest with Gary which he promised is beautiful so hopefully I'll have another post after that.

The supposedly cursed tree

Highland Cow!!!!

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